How do I change my password?  

Visit the login page to reset your password using your email address.

I can’t access part of the site that I paid for. How do I get access?  

This issue will probably be solved by clearing your cache. Go here for instructions on how to do this. If you’re still having a problem, email David Toll for technical support at [email protected].

How do I recover my user name? 

Just email David Toll at [email protected] and he will send to you.

I have some LP news. How do I promote it to your subscribers? 

Just email David Toll the details at [email protected] and he will share it with subscribers at no cost.

How do I advertise?

Just email David Toll at [email protected] for more information.

How do I send you a comment (or complaint)?  

David Toll welcomes feedback, both positive and negative. Also let him know if you spot any mistakes in need of a correction. Just email your comments to [email protected] for more information.

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